Writing custom logic

You can easily extend Space Cloud by writing your custom logic on the backend in the form of simple functions. These functions run as a microservice on the backend. This is how you write a simple function using the engine-api -

import "spaceuptech.com/space-engine-go/engine"

// Function to be registered
func myFunc(params engine.M, auth engine.M, cb engine.CallBack) {
    log.Println("Params", params, "Auth", auth)
    // Do something

    // Call the callback
    cb(engine.TypeResponse, engine.M{"ack": true})

// Create an instance of engine
myEngine, err := engine.Init("my-engine", "")
if err != nil {
    log.Println("Err", err)

// Register function
myEngine.RegisterFunc("my-func", myFunc)

// Start engine

// Call function of some other engine
res, err := myEngine.Call("some-engine", "some-func", engine.M{"msg": "space-engine-go is awesome!"}, 1000)
// Java client coming soon!      
# Python client coming soon!

Use engine.Init to initialize an instance of an engine. An engine can harbour multiple functions which can be invoked by frontend. The engine.Init function takes two parameters engineName and url which are as follows:

  • engineName: Name of the engine. Uniquely identifies an engine
  • url: Connection string of nats. Pass "" to use the default nats connection string

You can register a function that you have written to an engine by calling RegisterFunc on an engine. RegisterFunc takes a name and a func which are as follows:

  • name: Name of the function. Uniquely identifies a function within an engine
  • func: Function that comprises of the custom logic

func is the function that will comprise of the custome logic that you want. It can be invoked by the client as and when required. The function takes 3 parameters as decsribed below:

  • params: The params sent by the client
  • auth: Auth object
  • cb: Callback function used to return the response back to the client

Next steps

Great! So now you know how to write custom logic on backend . Let's checkout how to invoke it from the frontend.

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