File storage

The file storage module provides REST APIs for file management. You can select the storage technology for the file management module. Each project can work with only one storage technology. Currently supported storage technologies are:

  • Amazon S3
  • Local Filesystem

You can currently do the following operations in the file management module:

  • Create a folder
  • Upload a file
  • List all files / folders within a folder
  • Delete a file / folder

Enable the file storage module

The config pertaining to file management module can be found inside the fileStore key under the modules object. Here's the snippet:

    enabled: true
    storeType: local
    conn: /tmp/data
      - prefix: /
            rule: allow
            rule: allow
            rule: allow

  # Config for other modules go here

The snippet shown above configures Space Cloud to use the local filesystem (local). The files will be stored under the /tmp/data directory. There is a single rule named rule1 which allows all file storage operations (create, read and delete). All rules are applied based on prefix matching on the URL.

You can learn more about on the various parameters available for configuring the file storage module here.

Next steps

Now you know the basics of the file storage module. The next step would be diving deeper into the configuration and its structure. You could also continue to see how to use the file storage module on the frontend.

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