Database Module

The database module is the core of Space Cloud. It provides instant REST, gRPC APIs on any database out there directly from the frontend. The API loosely follows the Mongo DB DSL. In addition to that, it expects a JWT token in the Authorization header. This JWT token is used along with user defined security rules to enforce authentication and authorization.

By CRUD I mean Create, Read, Update and Delete operations. These are the most basic operations that one can perform on a database. In addition to that, we offer a flexible query language (based on the Mongo DB query DSL) to slice and dice data as needed.

Currently the database module supports the following databases:

  • Mongo DB
  • MySQL and MySQL compatible databases
  • Postgres and Postgres compatible databases

Enable the crud (database) module

The config pertaining to crud module can be found inside the crud key under the modules object. Here's the snippet:

      conn: mongodb://localhost:27017
      isPrimary: true
          isRealtimeEnabled: false
              rule: allow
              rule: allow
              rule: allow
              rule: allow
  # Config for other modules go here

The above snippet instructs space-cloud to connect to MongoDB at mongodb://localhost:27017. All operations (create, read, update and delete) are allowed on the todos collection.

You can learn more about the various parameters available for configuring the database module here.

Next steps

Now you know the basics of the database module. The next step would be diving deeper into the configuration and its structure. You could also continue to see how to use the database module on the frontend.

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