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Space Cloud β : Instant Realtime APIs on Any Database

Deploy on any cloud | Works with your existing database | Lightning fast

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Guess what ? Space Cloud is Open Source.

What makes us different?

Space Cloud is an open source, high performance web service which provides instant, easy to use, Realtime APIs on the database of your choice!

Any Tech Stack

No need to learn new tools or technologies. Leverage what you already know.

No Vendor Lock-in

Space Cloud can run on any public and private cloud, even your laptop.

Security Built-In

Let's make security the new default. Go to production with confidence.

Why Space Cloud?

Purpose-built to power fast-growing, realtime online services on public, private and hybrid clouds requiring global scale at prototyping agility.

Control your backend directly from your app!

Perform read, write, update and delete operations directly from your front-end. Have complex queries ? No problem. Use in-built database functionalities to turbo charge your app.

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Plug our tool into any live database!

We understand your data is important. That's why our product can be plugged in to your existing database wherever it maybe. Let's make migration a thing of the past.

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Sync data between all your users in Realtime!

So your app requires realtime interactions ? Don't worry we got you covered. Make any database you already use completely realtime.

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Fill in the missing pieces with your own custom code!

We know there is no one solution for every problem. Hence, we allow you to add your own custom code in the form of functions in any language or library of your choice.

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Use tools you already love

No need to learn new tech stacks or frameworks. Leverage the tools you already know.

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