Space Cloud

Develop, manage & secure applications

An opensource kubernetes based serverless platform with built-in security and instant APIs for any database and microservices
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Instant APIs to ease development
Reduce time to market with a powerful REST/GraphQL API in no time
  • chevron_rightRealtime CRUD operations
  • chevron_rightFile management
  • chevron_rightReliable triggers on any event
All development features
Enterprise grade security by default
Built-in service mesh to isolate security from your application logic
  • chevron_rightEnd to end encryption
  • chevron_rightService to service authentication
  • chevron_rightRole based authorization
All security features
Build apps, not platforms
An easy abstraction over Kubernetes and Istio to keep your dev ops team lean
  • chevron_rightAutomatic scaling
  • chevron_rightSelf healing, resiliency
  • chevron_rightRolling upgrades and rollbacks
All platform features
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